Served with your choice of two sides and two of our amazing cornbread hushpuppies

Our mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone ribs are one-of-a-kind! Hand-seasoned then smoked more than 12 hours, these ribs are THE BOMB!

  • 1/2 Rack
  • Full Rack
Bone-In Wings
Traditional-style BBQ wings
Boneless Wings
Then how do they fly?
Chicken Half
One of our favorites! Half of a fresh chicken, marinated in our lip-smackin' BBQ sauce for 24 hours, slow smoked to perfection, and finished on the grill.
Pork Chop
The Karate Kid's new move
Pulled Pork Taco with “Connie’s Cole slaw”
A Pig in a Taco?  Oh, the humanity!!!
Certified Angus Beef brisket slow smoked and hand carved. Served with our savory wet mop sauce. A Bombshells' favorite!

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At Veteran-owned and operated Bombshells Burgers & BBQ, we believe that nothing is a substitute for hard work and long hours, so we cook our barbecue low and slow, savoring all the natural juices and locking in that iconic smoked flavor. Sit back and relax with us at Bombshells Burgers & BBQ off I-64 at Exit 8 inside Bare Arms Indoor Range.

At Bombshells Burgers & BBQ, our food will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!


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